All About Me

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to welcome each and every one of you from around the globe as you enter the foxxylicious world of my newly re-launched website! Living in Las Vegas, home of "the good gone bad", i have collaborated with the newest, hottest, and most well known adult models across the world to bring you the ultimate hardcore and kinky fantasies of one of the most well known, mainstream, beloved, and downloaded transsexuals around!

It had been 8 years that i have been gracing the covers of DVD's, various websites, radio shows, podcasts, online shows, cable tv and now giving you the best of Foxxy with me new online website with thousands of exclusive photos and videos that include the best of the straight, gay, and transsexual industry!

growing up in Tucson, AZ i lived a life of fine arts, as a performer on stage in plays, muscials, talent shows, musical concerts, and teaching dance which led to my very own dance group! i loved to be center stage and loved to compete to be one of the best. known as the dancer i then vacationed in Las Vegas where i got hired on the spot as a go-go dancer at a lounge in Vegas. using my dancing and coreography experience i became a favorite and admired by many sharing my love for friendship, wild times, and fun attitude. during the 4 years of working in the lounge i was approached by a few webmasters and photographers in the adult industry during the Adult Video Network Expo (AVN) and was encouraged to do some nude/solo modeling. curious and eager to get myself the most exposure and new opportunities as a young transsexual, i gave it a shot. not knowing if i would enjoy it or how far i would get, 8 years later i am one of the biggest names in transsexual porn and slowly crossing over to more manistream projects. i thank you all for following me along the journey and supporting me on becoming a iconic legend in my world. with your love and help we shall continue to be on top! enjoy my website and and lets have a Foxxy Time!